Atlantis Tax Management is the premier Property Tax services firm in the United States. We are experts in reducing our client’s tax liability.  We provide a full spectrum of property tax solutions to our clients throughout all 50 states.  We offer comprehensive property tax services customized for each client’s unique needs.

Our team of professionals maximizes our client’s tax savings by relying on our rich experience and innovative ideas while adhering to a vision of service and values.  Our judicious approach to maximizing tax benefits for our clients consistently yields results unmatched by even the largest tax and accounting firms.

Atlantis Tax Managements mission is to provide each and every client, large and small, the service deserved by focusing on the unique needs of each customer. We strive to deliver the best results for our clients in order for them to prosper, while maintaining respect for the professional nature of our work. Adherence to our core values and dedication to our customers defines us.

We value each and every client, no matter the size. We value integrity and the relationships established between ourselves, our clients and the taxing authorities. Concentrating on property tax has allowed us to obtain favorable results nationwide, far beyond our competitors. We have preceded and followed large accounting and tax consulting firms over the years and have found no one who can offer the same in-depth analysis and significant reduction in tax liabilities. We analyze both the short term and long term benefits of the service we provide to our customers.

We are exerts in providing property tax services in all industries.  Our clients include both Fortune 500 companies and small, privately held firms.


Our history is rooted in innovation and a passion for representing our clients with professional and individual attention, while navigating the complexities of property taxation in thousands of taxing authorities. Our associates were some of the first in developing the tax consulting field for property tax services in the United States.

“Always deliver more than expected.” — Larry Page, Co-Founder of Google


We offer a complimentary desk review in order to verify any potential savings. Our tax professionals will apply the appropriate reporting methods pursuant to the local and state tax rules and regulations, thereby omitting any errors in assessment. We understand that manpower and time constraints can hinder accounting/tax departments in developing effective processes to eliminate over-reporting for property tax purposes. Our professionals work closely with tax, accounting and operations departments in order to get the full picture of a firm’s assets.

Our firm has the ability to provide clients with a “turnkey” property tax service.

We submit all requisite property tax returns, negotiate values, review valuations for accuracy, approve tax bills, and process payments as needed. Having our firm handle all the various aspects of the property tax process gives our clients a distinct property tax advantage.

Our team of professionals have worked in all industries, providing property tax advice and services, for over 40 years, for both locally and centrally assessed properties.

Our services include:

Personal Property Reviews

  • Line-by-line Analysis of the Fixed Asset Listing
  • Identifying Obsolete, Idle, or Misclassified Assets
  • On-site Inspection to Determine Asset Conditions
  • Determination of Appropriate Depreciation Schedules and Valuation Factors
  • Quantifying Present and Future Obsolescence Issues
  • Identifying all exemptions

Real Estatement Assessment Reviews

  • Income and Expense Statements
  • Comparable Sales and Assessment Values
  • Market Capitalization Rates
  • Replacement Costs
  • Costs of Environment Cleanup
  • Functional Obsolescence
  • Value Effect of Zoning Changes
  • Equal and Uniform

Preparation and Presentation of Assessment Appeals

After our analysis, we produce a detailed Property Tax Report that allows the tax assessor to quickly understand how we arrived at our opinion of value.  We attempt to resolve any assessment inequalities by informally negotiating with the tax assessor before a formal hearing is required.  When necessary, we will file a formal appeal and provide expert witness representation before the appropriate tax assessment appeal board.

Property Tax Compliance

Many businesses possess a large number of properties or have numerous personal property filings.  For them, the task of keeping up with compliance alone can be an enormous burden.  We can provide complete compliance administration services or specific services to assist an existing tax department, including:

  • Review of Fixed Assets and Real Estate for Taxability
  • Maintaining Property Tax Records by Jurisdiction with Treasurers
  • Classification of Fixed Assets to the Appropriate Tax Schedules
  • Filing of Property Tax Returns
  • Review and Reconciliation of all Assessment Notices
  • Tax Bill Verification
  • Payment of Property Tax Bills
  • Representation at Audits and Appeals
  • Tax Estimation for Budgetary Purposes
  • Management Reports that Summarize Values and Taxes



Property tax rules and regulations are ever changing. Each jurisdiction assesses property based on market value not book value. These rules and assessment methodologies differ for each taxing jurisdiction. Therefore, it is imperative that a careful examination of a taxpayer’s books and records are performed in order to avoid paying tax on non-taxable items.


We will assist internal accounting departments with budgeting for taxes, based on values reported and estimated tax rates.


With new laws, regulations and policy updates comes the occasional instance where a client or trade association needs to challenge the legality of a taxing authority’s assessment method. We are experienced at assisting inside and outside council.


We have successfully represented clients in audits. We stand behind our work and will provide all necessary documentation to satisfy the taxing authorities.


After the proper analysis and implementation of our tax savings strategies, we will continue to prepare tax returns and manage all aspects of the property tax cycle to ensure savings is maintained.


Our firm has years of experience successfully representing clients in appeals before local and state boards, when necessary.


If we identify an area of overpayment, we will pursue refunds in locations where the taxing authorities provide such a remedy.

“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.” — Steve Jobs


Continuing Partnership

Atlantis Tax Management will advocate for you for every year you request to ensure we have found all possible property tax savings, including potential refunds from prior years.


We will act as your expert witness during appeal hearings, tax audits, or other dealings with taxing authorities. We always stand behind our work.


Atlantis Tax Management helps you retain tax dollars to your bottom line or we don’t get paid since we work on a contingency basis.

Public Relations

Atlantis Tax Management will protect your reputation with the taxing authorities by building and maintaining excellent working relationships with the taxing authorities, assessors, and their offices.


We keep all company information in the strictest of confidence.

“Execution is the ability to mesh strategy with reality, align people with goals, and achieve the promised results.” — Larry Bossidy, former CEO GE Corp.



With decades of experience, our team has saved multi-millions of tax dollars, while continuing to deliver the finest in personal attention to our clients. Our sustained relationships with taxing authorities, as well as comprehensive understanding of property tax laws and regulations, allows us to obtain unprecedented results nationwide, that are in full compliance with the law.

Our expertise is in property tax services, with many decades of experience, so we bring more in-depth knowledge and nationwide experience to each project and industry that we work with. We have developed proprietary tax savings strategies by combining extensive knowledge of industry specific accounting practices, GAAP requirements, and dynamic state and local property tax codes and regulations nationwide, over the last four decades. Our team includes former CPA’s and registered Licensed Senior Property Tax Consultants who have spoken at tax conferences, provided expert witness testimony, and worked in tandem with local and state officials on property tax issues and policies.

Atlantis Tax Management delivers impressive bottom line results, realizing significant tax savings for our clients.

Our work focuses both on tax recovery and on seeking proactive, practical ways to help clients avoid unnecessary future tax burdens.

We cultivate excellent working relationships with the taxing authorities in order to represent our clients fairly while preserving their reputations with the taxing authorities and their offices. Clients appreciate the work style and ethics of Atlantis Tax Management professionals, whose efficiency and effectiveness mean that clients need only commit minimal time to the project.

With over 80,000 taxing jurisdictions in the United States, most companies do not have the expertise in house or the time necessary to address the issues that impact their property tax values. They wind up overpaying on their property taxes.

“To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination.” — Albert Einstein


A Large retail group told us they had another firm look at their personal property tax situation and turned it down because it wouldn’t be worth their time. They were hesitant in hiring us until we showed them how to realize tax savings of over $750,000!

We represented the fifth largest cable operator and were able to secure tens of millions of dollars in additional refunds and savings that the firm before us completely missed!

We came in behind a “national tax group” and found an additional $700,000 in tax savings at one facility of our new client.  The previous “national tax group” only saved $10,000 at that same facility!

Another company hired us after we secured $45,000 in tax savings and their previous firm had only saved them $800.

We represented one of the largest international oil and gas service companies and were able to secure millions of dollars in savings that the firm before us completely missed.

A large tax consulting firm missed a significant tax exemption for a client distribution center. We were hired to come in and rectify the situation and saved our client over $60,000.


Q: Is there any way I can lose by requesting the Free Desk Review?

A: No. The Free Desk review is to determine if it is worth your time and ours to continue with a comprehensive review. Only if we find possible significant savings will we suggest that you do business with Atlantis Tax Management.

Q: What amount of tax reductions can be expected?

A: 95% of our clients realize 12% to 50% tax savings.

Q: How much of my time and/or my staff’s time does this project require?

A: Approximately 1-2 hours of your time or less.

Q: Will this project raise a red flag to the county assessors or auditors?

A: No. Companies with business personal property taxes in excess of $300,000 have a mandatory audit/internal review every four years. Also, an audit may be beneficial, as it allows us to look back into prior years for greater tax savings or possible refunds in some states.

Q: What if we find savings on our own?

A: You don’t pay us for normal operational savings that you discover or cause on your own.

Q: What do I have to lose?

A: Absolutely Nothing. Since we work on a contingency basis, if we can’t find savings, you don’t pay us.

“Customer service is just a day in, day out ongoing, never ending, unremitting, persevering, compassionate, type of activity.” — Leon Gorman, former President and Chairman of the Board, L.L. Bean.


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